How Bitcoin Can Make Money for Artists In The Caribbean

How Can Artists Make More Money In The New Digital Economy?

Every-time you hear a piece of music someone is getting paid. But how can artist make more money from their music? Recently I had talk with my friend Earl Chapman, who one of the most important business developers in Canada, has worked with many International companies in getting them listed on the Jamaican Stock Exchange as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange.

He is now working on a securities project to be listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. With Apple and Spotify now available in the 80 new markets I wanted to know how artists can further monetize their work and benefit in the long term.

Earl, tell us how you started and got to where you are now?

What would you say is Jamaica’s winning edge?

How much more and where are the opportunities to monetize the culture?

You are encouraging more artists to set up shop and own more of their masters and publishing?

Why do you think streaming came to the Caribbean and will it help?

Can any random artist set up a STO?

Is this what record labels have done?

With all that’s happening in the world now and artists unable to perform for live audiences, do you think the value of music went up or down?

An artist like Chronixx has changed the soulfulness of reggae music, he has taken what Bob Marley and all the greats did and transformed that with modern beats that make you want to dance and shake your head but when you listen to it there is a message. I think those will always have a value.

Other than Chronixx, who else are you listening to now?

That’s my daytime anthem, gets me going. I play that loud and my neighbors ask Earl who is that. I said you don’t wanna know but they love it. They are white conservative males who just love the beat. I am always surprised by the different demeanor of people and the music they love. Music has always made people happy, joyful and you can make money from it.

Thank you so much Earl.

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