There’s a large number of Reggae and Dancehall albums set to drop just in time for summer. It seems Jamaican artists used the protracted lockdowns and canceled live performances over the last year, to put extra time in the studios across the island and around the world.

The artists and their record labels also seem to be capitalizing on the full integration of streaming in Jamaica and the Caribbean since the entry of Apple Music last year and Spotify, earlier this year. …

Costi Ioniță, Spice in New York

Constantin “Costi” Ioniță is the producer of Spice’s latest Dancehall hit with Shaggy and Sean Paul, Go Down Deh, which was released on April 30 ahead of her upcoming debut album, TEN.

Go Down Deh is currently No. 1 on the US Reggae iTunes chart. The Jay Will (Game Over) directed music video, shot at MECA in Kingston, Jamaica, is also currently trending No. 1 on YouTube Jamaica with almost 1 million views since its release one day ago.

Costi, 43, of Romania, is never short on enthusiasm. In his distinct Eastern European accent…

CLARKS ORIGINALS launched a new Jamaican collection and accompanying video campaign Clarks & Jamaica using the voices and talents of 7 Jamaican bred stars to explain what the Clarks Original brand means to Jamaica.

The limited-edition releases are now sold out on their website, where Clarks said they are proud to be part of island life for over 60 years. Jamaicans always had a love affair with things made in the UK. The country still holds a constitutional monarchy with Her Majesty as the Queen of Jamaica. Although Jamaicans need a visa to visit, UK-made appliances, suits, ties, and Clarks…

In 2017, an accomplished American Hollywood producer Joel Zwick told a group of Jamaican filmmakers that they should only use English in their movies because the use of Patois makes it a foreign film.

He said, “If the world can’t understand what you are saying and you then have to use subtitles, which most people don’t like to read, then it becomes a foreign movie. Jamaica should not be producing foreign-language films as an English-speaking country. There is no reason to tell your stories in anything other than English as the English-speaking world is vast.”

He further stated: “When we…

How Can Artists Make More Money In The New Digital Economy?

Every-time you hear a piece of music someone is getting paid. But how can artist make more money from their music? Recently I had talk with my friend Earl Chapman, who one of the most important business developers in Canada, has worked with many International companies in getting them listed on the Jamaican Stock Exchange as well as the Toronto Stock Exchange.

He is now working on a securities project to be listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. With Apple and Spotify now available in the 80 new markets…

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was given an opportunity to finally give due credit to Jamaica and Dancehall culture for his mega-successful hit Sorry, but the singer all but glossed over the genre’s influence. He half-heartedly referred to the beat on which the 2015 track was laid as ‘Island Music’.

In the latest episode of DJ Khaled’s First One Podcast on Amazon Music, Bieber was asked whether he was directly inspired by Dancehall and Reggae in the making of Sorry, which has distinct Dancehall drum patterns and an accompanying music video that drew heavily on Dancehall fashion and dance moves dating back to the 1990s. When the song was released off Bieber’s fourth studio album, Purpose, it sparked much controversy among Dancehall artists and fans, who viewed it as cultural appropriation.

DJ Khaled, in the interview, said that “the record ‘Sorry’ has that Dancehall feel, I love Jamaica, I love…

Since the emergence of streaming across the world there has been mixed reviews on whether it is good for the music industry. Recently the Caribbean has seen an influx of streaming companies, the latest being Spotify. Since then musicians and producers have been voicing their opinions on the pros and cons of having Spotify and other streaming companies in the region.

Jeremy Harding, a music producer said in the Jamaica Gleaner,

We already had Apple Music being launched in Jamaica, and Apple being here has not made any significant impact. Our artistes have not made any great gains

He further…

Sitting with Cham in his Miami studio, he no longer goes by Baby Cham he explains. He reveals that his respect for Bounty Killer and production partner Dave Kelly has shaped his evolution to an elite class of Dancehall artists who enjoy international success.

In this interview, Cham explains the process of making authentic Dancehall music and how he became one of the genre’s biggest names.

What name do you go with now?

Well since there is nothing baby about what we are doing the name, we decided to just go with Cham.

What was your inspiration to start in music?

My Uncle had a sound system, by the name of Studio Mix from Water House. Super Cat used to perform on the sound system, John Wayne and Like John. At the time I was a tiny tot and I liked music from then…

Spotify is now available in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. At their Stream On launch event, they announced services to over eighty new markets expanding to additional one billion customers.

They also announced their Audience Network which will accommodate cross-advertising between music and podcasts. This will, especially, increase revenue for podcasters in the region through per stream advertising. Spotify has exclusive podcast deals with Barack and Michelle Obama and comedian Joe Rogan who reportedly got paid over one hundred million dollars for his content.

This is welcoming news for the creative industry in the Caribbean as more persons are developing intellectual property specific to the niche audiences in the region. As Spotify grows so will creators on the platform. …

JR Watkis

Culture, Music, Technology And Sports

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